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About Essence Work

Essence Work reconnects us to our innate true nature, the gift we were all born with, but over time have lost connection with. As humans, we have a strong instinct for fulfilment, and often a deep sense of something that is lost or lacking. Essence Work gives us a map and tools to gently, step by step, reconnect with our true Self, our blue-print through awareness, compassion and inquiry.

Essence Work was developed by two pioneers in psycho-spiritual work, A.H. Almaas and Faisal Muqaddam, who discovered an ancient Sufi map of consciousness which they married with modern psychology approaches.

At the heart of the work, is the subtle energy system of the Sufis called the “Lataif”. The work describes a pathway to assist the retrieval of our connection to various Essential states, including our true capacity for Will, Strength, Love, Value, Compassion, Peace and Joy. Each of these are described through a colour which manifests its qualities.

Retreat  |  Black Essence

Overcome fear, touch your innate Truth and explore Intimacy and Power

Black Essence enables the power to cut through illusions with Awareness, Understanding and Love for the Truth.


Most of us are afraid of our own power because we fear that we might misuse this power. We long to be powerful beyond measure and instead we succumb to the helplessness and frustration that arises out of not taking our power.


True black essence cuts through all our illusions and self- deceptions and through this clarity we gain a profound understanding and insight into truth, and the ability to discern what is false from what is real.


The black essence creates guidance that is fierce and clear, like a cutting edge. It shows us our relationship to truth and thus opens the door to our true nature.


The embodiment of the black essence stills our mind and brings a deep inner peace and is a portal to a mysterious, infinite Universe.


It is the Power of Being.


In this profound Transmission of the Black, we will use guided meditations, embodiment and inquiries to gather a new understanding about our essential nature. We will also learn to meet our ego structure with compassion and acceptance.

What you will get out of the Black Essence training:

  • Clarity

  • Strength

  • Courage

  • A healthy sense of power

  • A deep sense of compassion for yourself and the world we live in

  • Embracing darkness as beautiful and magical

  • Cutting through ego's illusions

  • Understanding of ego structure

  • Exploring the shadow aspect of Power

  • The power of discernment between what is false and what is true

  • Clear, objective, exquisitely precise and sharp guidance

  • Silencing the chattering mind

Info & Registration

Black Essence is a 4 day non-residential training held just outside of Byron Bay, NSW.

DATES & TIMES: TBC for 2020


Full price AU$ 800

Early bird price AU$ 750 

For more information and registration details  -

Black Essence

Retreat  |  The Citadel

Bringing  clarity, understanding, a grounded will and deep self-respect. 

The experience of the "Citadel" brings a new dimension of will. It is the presence of essence that defends truth and brings solidity like a citadel, grounded in the laws of being, full of stability and harmony. It brings a sense of solidity, presence in truth and a feeling of protection.  It brings the awareness of truth into our daily lives.

We begin to explore all aspects of our life, work, relationships and behaviour patterns and ask whether they are true or not.  One aspect of the citadel is to provides guidance on how to live according to the truth of your being while learning to support this inner development. We learn to accept discipline, not the one that is imposed by society and its rules, but an inner discipline that helps and supports the truth of our being.

This process brings clarity, understanding, a grounded will and deep self-respect.


“The Citadel gives you a feeling of

Solidity and support without grandiose

ideas. One is clearly aware that

it is an essential presence and not

is a physical or mental force,

that it's a support for

being acts and not for the ego. "


Info & Registration

DATES: 21-25 October 2020

LOCATION: UTA Institute, Cologne, Germany

For more information and registration details  -

The Citadel
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