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Turiya is the co-founder of Path Retreats and the transformational process  -  Path of Love with Rafia Morgan. Together they also lead a one-year Holistic Counsellor training for therapists called Working with People – School of Counselling. 

She has been trained in many different modalities such as Gestalt, Bioenergetics, Psychodrama, Family Therapy (V. Satir), NLP, Hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing™ (Peter Levine), Ego Psychology, Family Constellation, Enneagram and Astrology and Essence Work.

Turiya Hanover of Path Retreats & Path of Love provides Holistic Counsellor training for therapists called Working with People – School of Counselling.

About Turiya

Turiya's personal journey into human development started when she did her first 2 year Jungian Psychotherapy course aged 22, followed by an encounter workshop in 1970 in Germany. The revelation and exploration of this Humanistic Psychology approach took Turiya by surprise. The internal shift that she experienced was so profound, that she and her husband, set on a new course of human discovery, which led them to India. Through learning meditation, living and working in a community under the guidance of a master, she developed a unique approach in working with people that is a synthesis of eastern insights, living awareness and western approach to humanistic psychology.


The sudden, unexpected death of her husband marked a turning point in Turiya’ life. This profound experience deeply influenced her own personal search and how she works with people today.


Today Turiya has the joy of being a grandmother and spends her free time painting and is writing a book about the rising of the feminine and in- depth psychology and understanding about Female conditioning and evolution. 

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