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    A Woman’s Worth

Reclaiming our value

and creativity as women today


Online Course  |  A Woman’s Worth

I have been delivering a new A Woman's Worth course in Europe since 2019 and with the many changes to our lives with COVID-19 I felt to share the course content online, so we can still journey and learn together online toward embrace our feminine wisdom and leadership in time that needs each and everyone of us. 

To be in our feminine essence is a great gift, it is full of life, sensuousness, intuitiveness, softness and strength, but there are so many ideas about what it means to be a woman, and many of these ideas are strangling us, keeping us from discovering our true nature and living our lives with joy. 

This online A Woman's Worth Ecourse is an invitation to face the challenges that we have as mothers; daughters, sisters, wives and lovers so that we can be free to honour, love and live our lives. 


It is delivered through 6 modules each consisting of a 15 to 20 min long video teaching,  Enquiry & Journaling Exercise, followed by a guided meditation.  When you purchase the course the full course is available immediately to you. The program is self-paced so you can experience each module and learn at your own pace. 

This course is for you if you wish to:

  • Explore the loss of connection to your true worth as a woman and wish to rediscover your own inner state of value.

  • As humans we all want and need to be seen, and we must recognise this need inside of you and see what that need to be seen by the other creates.

  • Look at underlying beliefs of unworthiness and co-dependency that keep hindering us from living our full potential. 

  • Examine the path of self-rejection and learn to love and respect our bodies and our hearts as our powerful sources of wisdom. 

  • Look at your way of being focused on others, seeing yourselves through their eyes, needing validation from outside yourself and thereby give your power away.

  • Face issues around competition, jealousy, and envy, that hinder us from respecting each other as women.

This means that we need to take ownership of all sides of womanhood, our capacity for love and connection, and face what the forces that are hidden in the darkness and unconscious.  By facing our light and our darkness we find the courage to heal the deep and often ancient wounds that so many women are carrying today.

So I invite you to explore with me the issues that in my many years as a therapist I trust will resonate with every woman’s lived experience of being a woman today. 

It is time to leave our learned and limiting beliefs behind and own our tremendous capacities and creativity as women today, and take steps into healing ourselves, each other and our generative feminine planet earth.  

This course to be accessible to as many women as possible I've priced it at 149 US$.  


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