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Women don't need to be told how to be women. Rather than adopting ideas about how a woman should be, this journey is a deep personal experience of your own inner world and your own truth.

This workshop is about empowerment and healing. Each single step of personal healing contributes to the collective healing of the feminine and the masculine in this world.

It’s not about learning how to shine. It’s about unlearning how we block our shining.

Workshop  |  Phenomenal Women

A three day Woman’s Retreat in the heart of Berlin with Turiya Hanover, Hanna Milling and Ilan Stephani.

Phenomenal Women meeting in passion, rage & radiance ...

This retreat is a deep and transformative journey – including meditation, movement, bodywork, sharing / inquiry and transformational techniques. We bring honesty, clarity, playfulness and compassion to our darkness and our light. You are welcome with all that you are and invited to explore what wants to unfold.

It's about time to ...

  • wake up to the depth and power of being a woman today

  • facing the prison of our conditioning around being a woman (good girl, tough superwoman, castrating Mother, overbearing Mom)

  • stop defining ourselves from the outside and discover an embodied sense of our self-worth

  • relearn to trust the wisdom of our bodies, our natural relationship to nature and the earth, our intuitive and direct connection to life

  • find the courage to follow our hearts and speak the truth of our experience no matter what existing values of society dictate

  • freeing ourselves from the collective female victim’s role

  • showing up with our capacity for boundaries, with our vulnerability and our longing for connection

  • owning our shadow, our pain and our rage and turn it into fuel for a fully embodied, truly empowered life

  • bring our gifts to the world and celebrate being a woman

  • dare to live an honest, wild, joyful and respectful dance of co-creation that moves between the feminine and the masculine – within us and in the outer world

Let’s meet for this big leap ...

A leap of consciousness!

A leap of courage & the willingness to show up!


Turiya Hanover

“I have been deeply moved by the women, movements and changes of the last 2 years. It is a very exciting time to support women to find their voices, embody their wisdom and their power.“

Turiya Hanover is a therapist and spiritual teacher, working with people for more than 40 years. She has developed a unique approach in working with people that is a synthesis of eastern insights, living awareness and western approach to humanistic psychology.

Turiya is Co-founder of the deeply transformative ‘Path of Love Retreat’.

Hanna Milling

“To witness the miracle of birth of the amazing beautiful and powerful beings we are, when we own our shadow and our light and begin to be real - this is the true joy of my heart!“

Hanna Milling, based both in Berlin and at a quiet retreat place in the middle of a natural reserve near Berlin, is a peace-worker on various levels (conflict resolution, mediation, counselling) and runs women’s and couples retreats. She is a book author and author of the video #FromWomenToMen which has gone viral on social media.


Ilan Stephani

"We are born as pure, vibrant embodiment ... and yet spend most of our time being caught up in the head. Let´s un-learn this culture and reclaim our full potential!"


Ilan Stephani is a Berlin-based bestselling-author, teacher and speaker about shifting collective paradigms, un-learning cultural conditioning and gaining back our natural orgasmic aliveness.

Info & Registration

The Authentic Woman Retreat is a three day non-residential retreat in the heart of Berlin (Schöneberg).


Time and date to be announced

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