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Although we long for love, we are afraid to really open to love.  Often we get hurt, feel rejected or are deeply wounded then decide to shut down, then would rather be alone than to actually feel that pain again. 

During this process, we'll learn ways on how to open to love again and stand in our own true joy and aliveness.

Sex is one of the most powerful forces that we have. Through conditioning and concepts, how we think we 'should be', we often feel ashamed of these sexual feelings, and find ways to hide or deny them.  Once accepted it is a powerful energy that can deepen our love and open us up to true intimacy.  

Image by Denis Agati

Workshop  |  Love, Sex & Intimacy

A weekend workshop in the heart of Sydney 

In this process...

we will face our conditioning, learn to understand them, bring light to our unconscious patterns.  We'll find ways to open to new flows of energy, sexuality and sensuousness in our bodies and hearts.  

To accept and love ourselves, especially in our bodies, is one of the strongest parts of this process.  Before we can meet another, the first step is to really say 'yes' to yourself, and thus, to be in harmony with existence exactly as it is right now. Once that 'yes' is there you can attract and be open to love and find a flow of true intimacy and spaciousness. 


In the atmosphere of meditation, deep respect and love, you will find yourself on safe ground where you can play, experiment and discover a new aspect of your natural being.  

The process will include tools and exercises that will help you to open your body, heart and mind to learn to communicate, relate and discover true and authentic ways of opening yourself to others, to love and to a deeper trust of your being. 

What you'll get out of this group ...

  • acceptance of your body

  • relaxation into being

  • trusting yourself

  • courage to open up

  • a sense of your femininity / masculinity

  • a deeper understanding of your own sexuality

  • a sense of sensuousness

  • awareness of shock and shame

  • loving yourself and the other

  • learn how to nourish yourself

The purpose of this group is to create an awareness and understanding of your own energy and sexuality in a safe and protected space where you can experience a new way to your own inner discoveries.  

Info & Registration

Love, Sex & Intimacy is a non-residential weekend retreat in the heart of Sydney.



Friday, 7th Feb 2020, 18.00 Registration, then 18:30 – 21.00

Saturday, 8th Feb 2020, 9.30 – 18.00

Sunday, 9th Feb 2020, 9.30 – 17.00




Full price AU$ 550

Early bird price AU$ 495 (until 15/01/2020)


For more information and registration details  -

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